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10/04/2014 22:13:45
It's good to get a fresh way of loinkog at it.
10/04/2014 22:13:15
For those who take every word literally in redargs to the WOW, they should be consistent and take the preamble to the WOW where it states it is not to be given by way of commandment .so from the outset we have gone beyond the mark of His counsel in raising this tenet or suggestion and making it a law which in turn we linked to saving ordinances. geez. No wonder we are still wandering in darkness on such issues. To those that want to act as gatekeepers to the kingdom and salvation based on the WOW I would say you, in your language, you have grievously sinned in saying others have sinned in violating the WOW and then tied it to salvation
10/04/2014 22:06:21
All things codesnerid, this is a first class post
10/04/2014 22:02:16
If you're reading this, you're all set, padrner!
10/04/2014 21:57:34
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10/04/2014 21:49:59

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10/04/2014 21:45:59
The exerstipe shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
10/04/2014 21:45:15
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10/04/2014 21:42:49
This is both street smart and intelligent.
10/04/2014 21:41:37
You have shed a ray of suninshe into the forum. Thanks!
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